Why Stock market is showing positive trends even when BJP lost all three states?

Suraj K Gupta
Suraj K Gupta, Technical Analyst MD at Share Training Academy (2012-present)

if bjp loss in the election what happens to market?

everybody says the market will go down, market crash that s answer of everybody

2nd Urjit Patel also resigns from the RBI governor post.

people strongly think the market has gone crash

but what happens to market everybody knows? people create short position also

the fact of market … point to note while doing research

what majority of people think always market react opposite. you see after election event.

nothing change in chart market is still bearish on the long-term chart.

short-term market move anywhere doesn’t matter.

we should never trade..sometime we should sit idle without a trade to analyze market sentiment

because if you take trade u feel or look sentiment in the same direction which direction trade is taken

but here the main reason is U.S market reverse to 25300.
that s why all market going up. but still, the market is in the bear condition final my target is between 21600 to 22000

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